Thursday, March 25, 2010

School Hunting

Really, I should be sleeping right now. I have an early morning and long day ahead of me. For the first time since my sophomore year of high school, I have a music audition.

As of Wednesday morning, I have driven for 18 hours and over 1000 miles. It's not over yet. I still have to drive home. Where am I?

Well, I was in Berea, Kentucky yesterday. I roamed around Nashville for a bit earlier today. Now, I'm settled in Memphis for the next two days. Wow, quite the road trip so far.

Thankfully, I've had company... really good company. Nate and I have very similar tastes when it comes to road trip audibles. We've listened to all of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on CD as well as some Adventures in Odyssey. What a great way to make sure your sanity is still intact!

I guess that's all. I'm going to try and make myself sleep now.