Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tonight during worship with VYC, I started tagging songs like I normally do. But typically at this point of the night, I'm in a "comfort key". My vocal range only lets me go so far up or down so I pick a key (typically E if you're really that curious) that fits me best. Tonight, it was A.

Gosh darn it! I will forever shy away from that key! I tagged a few songs and they went okay, but then I attempted the chorus from the song From The Inside Out and absolutely butchered it!

But it was so wonderful!

The students, finally, sang out. Sang louder than me. Sang with their hearts. As I struggled to hit the super stinking high notes, all of the high schoolers took over and in tune or not, they sounded sooooo good!

Gosh, I'm once again humbled. I thought I could hit the notes and came up incredibly short. God never does. That just gives me a new perspective on the title Deliverer.

I have no idea if that makes any sense. All I know is I feel so much joy from my own musical deficiencies.