Saturday, May 14, 2011

A God-Given Weight

Holy crap! The past few weeks has been one of the most amazing adventures ever for me! God has given me opportunities to be obedient and when I have been, He's been faithful to reward me.
I have discovered I don't need to find a balance between leader and friend. Those roles have already been clearly defined for me.
I have discovered how big of a role intercessory prayer plays in my life.
I have discovered the freedom in shedding light to the darkest parts of my heart.

But I have also discovered the burden and weight that comes with those things. There are moments where I feel like they are unmanageable, but then I remember I have a community that is strong and a God who is even stronger.

I am excited and yes, a little bit anxious to see what God unveils next. He has given me no reason to doubt that He is good. Why would I choose to disobey?