Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leaving Well

I want to leave Eau Claire well.

I'm not entirely sure I know how. I guess a major part of that will be what happens in the VYC internship. Lisa has ever-so-daringly let me oversee the different elements and roles all of the interns are taking on. It's weird to have permission to have my hands in every cookie jar I see :)

Something else- our New Orleans trip coming up mid-July. 4 vans. FOUR FREAKING VANS! That's a lot of people. 30-some high school students... most of which have never been on the trip before. Dear Alleli, breathe.

Me leaving Eau Claire well means having patience with their inexperience and immaturity.

Leaving well means equipping my students to rise up and be leaders amongst their peers.

Also, leaving well means not being frustrated when I don't see immediate results.

Leaving well also sure as heck means I know how to say "yes" or "no" at the appropriate times. Sometimes, I have a hard time figuring out which answer I'm supposed to give.

Well, that's it for my rant and rave. All I know is I want to leave Eau Claire well before starting the next chapter in my story down in Memphis. Freaking Memphis! Wheeee!