Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jesus and Adele

I had the most random thought pop into my head and I'm about to hash it out on here-

Adele (the current artist I'm really digging.  I know, I'm a little late to the game) is like a modern day Jesus.  Now, before I get slammed for the comparison, know the side-by-side views are purely superficial. 

Adele is that artist everybody knows about.  Some people are obsessed with her and will swear by her music and talent.  Others will see her as the flavor of the week.  Others still will hate her music and think she is overrated.

It doesn't matter what you think about her, but see how Jesus has been treated the same way?

Some will swear by him.  Some will think he is just the flavor of the week.  Some will hate him.

Know why I love Adele?  Her voice is amazing- it doesn't sound like all the other pretty girls on the radio.  She's gritty, raw, and full of soul.  I would kill (well, not literally) to have a voice like that.  She's making a comeback at the Grammy's and I have every intention of watching her in all her singing glory.

I desire to have the same passion for Jesus as I do for Adele.  Jesus was a gritty, raw, soulful man. He made His comeback through the Resurrection and showed the world His power.  I want in.

Ok, that's all.

Friday, January 13, 2012

All over the place

Okay, here are some scattered thoughts about this video that's gone viral on Youtube and Facebook-

So, I like his ideas.  They sound good and a small part of me resonates with his disdain for the reputation religion has gotten.

But... I wonder how much of his accusations come from personal experience or from somebody else's experience... or if they just made a good rhyme.

One example in particular is his line "Why does it build huge churches, but fails to feed the poor?"  What church has he been attending?  Who is he actually talking about?  Was he at one time homeless and a church slammed the door in his face? Is this just a convenient rhyme to fit his prior line, "I mean, if religion is so great, why is it starting so many wars?" I need my questions answered because I'm going nuts!

Like I said, these are scattered thoughts.

I feel like this is one of those SAT or ACT tests.  Bad religion is religion, but not all religion is bad.  Make sense?  Sort of?  Okay, just pretend it does.

Another line that really gets me...actually, it's half of a line- "now I ain't judging..."

Aside from my slight twitch by the use of "ain't" when "isn't" would've sufficed, yes you are sir.  This is judgement.  Who are you to tell me I'm putting on a fake look when you don't know the heart, hurts, and joys behind what "look" I have? 

Jesus did not hate religion.  Jesus was religious.  He wanted to sweep away the man made rules that burdened rather that freed his people. 
Bad religion/ hypocritical religion left no room to heal a man on the Sabbath. 
But Jesus did it anyway.  Why?  Because if you go back to the rules and commandments God gave, He said nothing of the sort.  The Sabbath was meant for rest and community with God.  Community with God also meant community with one another.  After all, God created us as social beings- we are meant to do life together.  Doing life together means seeing each other through the wide array of emotions and circumstance.

At the end of the video, the man does a comparison between religion and God/Jesus/Christianity (which by the way is a religion)

Religion says do, Jesus says done
Yes, Jesus paid for my sins and said "it is finished" up on the cross.  But does that mean I stop there?  Didn't Jesus give the Great Commission before ascending into Heaven?  "Go forth and make disciples of all men..."  Doesn't that mean I need to act?  To do?

Religion says slave, Jesus says son
Religion puts you in bondage while Jesus sets you free.
No, they go hand in hand.  Religion, or the rules if you must, show just how imperfect we are and our desperate need for a Savior.  God sent His son to fulfill the law because he was perfect.  He bridged the gap to prove we really are and always have been children of God.

Religion makes you blind, while Jesus makes you see
I really don't get it.  I have no coherent thoughts about this line other than something just doesn't sit right with me.  Does that mean I'm blind or I'm seeing something?

Another eye twitch- "I literally resent it"  I literally want to punch somebody in the jugular for misuse and abuse of the word literally.

That's all.  Whenever I'm blogging on here, it's way past my bedtime and I'm scatterbrained.  This is in true raw form what's rattling around in my head and I'll probably look at this tomorrow and think "what the heck?"