Friday, July 29, 2011

A Song Thingy

Did you see the way I breathed that first breath
Rise and fall inside Adam's chest
Moved each muscle, work together
Had the thought, "I'll make it better"
Gave to him a wife so he's not alone

Did you hear my whisper in the mountains
Not in the earthquake or the whirlwind
Burning bush but nothing's falling
Listen now, you hear me calling
I want you to be one of my own

Did you know that I can part the water
Yeah, you are smart but I'm much wiser
Rivers flowing into blood streams
Broke the pride of who was once king
Freed the people that I loved so dear

Know I moved the mouths of donkeys talking
Save the rider of death untimely
Tore down the stairway up to heaven
Had the people change their language
Made dependence on my very clear

Won't you life your hands up in surrender
My strength's in more than just your numbers
I will be with you inside the battle
Nothing more than you can handle
I have your back, you just trust my hands

Should you turn a blind eye my direction
Or shut your ears to my attention
Why you running, you can't hide from
Me it should be no surprise that
I pursue you regardless of your act

I have used my words, rebuilt the broken
Spoke the words once left unspoken
Saved you from where you don't want to be
I hear your words, they're so defiant
Just slow down, embrace the quiet
I know your voice so intimately
Do you know me?