Sunday, April 15, 2012

I give up

Thursday morning, we had Worship and Accountability.  What that looks like is a message, worship, and (for my major) going through and critiquing the worship set.
During worship, the current worship leader asked us to pray for each other in small groups.  His timing was uncanny.  I was having one of those mornings where I could feel God moving and felt heavy in the best way possible.  Honestly, it was a really distracted time.  Some people got on the mic to share some thoughts, the music was too loud, other people had to talk louder to be heard over the music.  Finally, when most people stood up to participate in the songs, I went and sat off to the side to hang out with God.

Here's the conversation we had:

"Give up"


"Just do it!"


Then I cried.  That was the lesson I learned for the day.  I unclenched my fists and just for a little while let my walls crumble.  It was a wonderful moment between God and the middle of a mass of people.  Woah!

I look forward to and anticipate more intimate moments like that with God this week.

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